PSA: Your future clients need to be able to find you online. Punto.

the good news? 
you don't need to worry about your website copywriting.

you just found me, so you're almost sorted. 

You spent years becoming a pro at what you do. Now it's ROI time.  

Your website is THE place to show what working with you really means, with messaging that speaks to your audience's deepest desires, making them feel so connected and seen.

So they'll stick around with a 'this is so me' vibe - without looking for an Alternative.

Copy is not your forte? 
Wondering if a conversion copywriter is really worth it? 

here's what you can expect …




With copywriting and messaging that sounds exactly like you, speak your values and attract dream clients only.

From subscribers to buyers and from casual browsers to card swipers! Leave the words to me and enjoy the time you just saved.

Thanks to strategically written, SEO-optimized, web copywriting that draws in dream inquiries while you stroll by the beach.

Feeling like your copy... just not giving!?

I’m talking the kind of copywriting that's as exciting as morning traffic on your way to work. 

If you're going to put your all into your business, your words should be doing some heavy lifting. 

Insert me: your not-so-secret weapon to hack the next sold-out launch. 

As a website copywriter, I know that writing is one thing, but blending sales and psychology to make it hit the right spots in your audience…that’s a whole other story.

That's where I come in…

…. > To make your copy sound like it's coming from a human, not a manual.

You deserve words that not only gets you noticed, but also brings in the right kind of crowd: the ones that get your jokes and don't leave you on read.

Take everything you think you know about website copywriting and throw it out the window — ‘cause it's time to change the narrative. 

Launch Package

investment starts at usd 4000

Launching soon?
Let's do it together!

Launching is intense.
I know it, and you know it. 

From fine-tuning your sales page copy to crafting an email funnel sequence, to the ultimate close-cart strategy, let me take the boring (but crucial) stuff off your shoulders, so you can focus on getting those sales in!

help me launch

  • Sales Page Copy 
  • Opt-in Page Copy 
  • Email Funnel Sequence (up to 8 emails)
  • 3 Rounds of Edits


  • (2) 30 - minute strategy sessions

  • 2 rounds of revisions 

  • Communication and collaboration with your web designer (if needed)

  •  A brand strategist hype girl in your (digital) pocket every time you need her

All projects include:


  • Launch Strategy Session (video call 60 min)
  • Brand Strategy Deck (PDF 35+ pages)

A comprehensive guide that gives you the clarity and direction to launch and embody your brand confidently AF - that includes:
- In-depth Market Research and Competitor Analysis
- Brand Identity, Vision, Mission, Values
- Marketing Strategy
- Brand Voice Guide and Phraseology
- Positioning Strategy
- Brand Archetypes
- Ideal Client Personas

launch package

website copy

email sequences

  • (2) 30 - minute strategy sessions

  • 2 rounds of revisions 

  • Communication and collaboration with your web designer (if needed)

  •  A brand strategist hype girl in your (digital) pocket every time you need her

All projects include:


Website Copy


  • Onboarding Copy Consultation (60 min)
  • Website Copy (Home, About, Services, Contact + 1 Extra Page)
  • SEO Keywords Research and Optimization
  • 2 Rounds of Edits
  • Coordination with Your Web Designer (if any)


Design might turn heads, but it’s your words that do the talking.

Your people are out there waiting to hear from someone who just gets them (hint: that's you).

Someone who shares their voice, laughs at the same jokes, and offers just the thing (aka your service) they didn’t even know they needed.

Ready to make it reeeeally easy for them to find you and fall in love with what you do?

Let’s get your voice heard!

launch package

website copy

email sequences

  • (2) 30 - minute strategy sessions

  • 2 rounds of revisions 

  • Communication and collaboration with your web designer (if needed)

  •  A brand strategist hype girl in your (digital) pocket every time you need her

All projects include:


Email Sequences


If you're the kind of person who's ever looked at an email and thought, "Damn, who's even reading them?!" then, first of all, I may not be your person, and secondly... give me three minutes.

Whether you’re launching something new and want to excite your community to join the waitlist or you have an evergreen offer, you should not sleep on email marketing.

Email is a more personal and stronger approach to building community and lasting relationships. Plus, research shows that email marketing is more effective (has a higher ROI) than any other form of marketing - including social media.

  • WELCOME SEQUENCE (up to 8 emails) 
  • LIVE LAUNCH SEQUENCE (up to 10 emails) 
  • EVERGREEN FUNNEL SEQUENCE (up to 8 emails to promote your offers regardless of when someone opts into the funnel)
  • NEWSLETTERS (4/month)

So… are we done leaving this golden opportunity on the table? 
Email marketing is one of the easiest and effortless ways to increase your sales - because your subscribers are already primed for what you are offering!

Let’s turn those subscribers into happy customers!


  • 2 rounds of revisions 

  • Communication and collaboration with your web designer (if needed)

  •  A brand strategist hype girl in your (digital) pocket every time you need her

All projects include:

“She just believed and cared about my project as if it was her own.”

She surpassed all my expectations with every aspect of the collaboration. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, and precise in her work. 

I was looking for a website copywriter for coaches and I’m so glad I found Vale. I have worked with people who were only focused on money, and Valentina is the opposite of that. I'm so glad to have met her and had the opportunity to work together on my website copywriting and brand strategy. 

Her clarity and precision are top-notch, and I was especially impressed by the fact that she made me feel like a valued friend she genuinely wanted to help. 

Chiara Ghinolfi
Emotional Intelligence Executive Coach

“Handed in my resignation letter after the Mentorship Program!”

Vale's mentorship is invaluable for those who are truly serious about diving into the copywriting field.

She doesn’t just teach you the basics, she guides you every step of the way, making sure you’re not just learning, but actually doing.

So, if you're committed to building a career in copywriting, this is the mentorship that can get you there!

Melissa Lo Stuto

“My writing has already improved and I stopped to ramble on every piece of copy I write!”

I did the Mentorship program with Vale and I would definitely recommend this to everyone approaching copywriting for the first time, especially to those who are struggling with how to apply the theory in real-world scenarios.

 It's perfect for anyone looking for a more hands-on approach with personalized guidance. 

Nipurna Jadeja
Content Strategist & marketer

“Without her, we would not be where we are today and with such a strong community.

Vale is always ahead of schedule and has a great understanding of how to really touch the emotions of any audience.

Working with her has been one of the best investments our company has made up to this point and I highly highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a health and wellness copywriter to take their business to the next level.

Wade Momberg
Co-founder of Finding Healers

“The amount of confidence I got after working with her is beyond words.”

Working with Valentina was a dream come true!

When I first contacted her, her response was filled with positivity. She spent time getting to know my vision and objectives so she could provide the finest work possible. 

I am so happy with the project, and I gained so much more confidence in my business.

If you're seeking for someone that is enthusiastic about what they do and gives it their all, you just found her.

Chastity Thomason
women empowerment coach and author

“I just loved her approach. She immediately grasped my vision and gave life to what was still foggy in my mind.”

She has upgraded my ideas by translating them into efficient tools I now can use as my signature programs and services.

I had almost given up when I met Valentina. Friendly, but very professional, empathic and honest in her guidance, her mood is always filled with positivity. 

So, if you are seeking for a very skilled, extremely creative, and enthusiastic copywriter, you have found one.

Paola Fantinato
gymnastics and yoga coach

“So impressed by how fast Vale connected with the message I was trying to deliver, and oh did she deliver! ”

Hard to put in words all the wonderful experiences I had with Valentina, but if you are looking for a human being that is professional, ethical, knowledgeable, creative, and genuinely enjoys her work, she is THE ONE. 

She goes above and beyond when it comes to delivering on time, and best of all, she has a talent to really capture your essence, while being able to put it into beautiful words.

Lizeth Felix
LMFT Therapist & Relationship Coach

“Never been so confident and proud in showing my brand to the world!”

Valentina absolutely exceeded all my expectations with her flexibility, understanding of needs, and prompt delivery of catchy and engaging copy for my upcoming launch!

I had the pleasure of working with Valentina for the website copy and brand strategy of my brand. What sets her apart is not just her professional experience, but also her genuine, friendly, and positive attitude. She genuinely cared about every little detail. 

She is highly responsive and proactive, other than trustworthy, making the collaboration smooth and enjoyable.

Amal Al-Malki 
Founder of Della Weiss

“Not only she created outstanding copy to launch my brand, she helped with a whole brand strategy to scale it! ”

Her attention to detail, talent, dedication and enthusiasm truly shine through!

She quickly became a member of the team and a friend. I look forward to collaborating with you on future projects Vale!

Christina Bati
Founder of Chō - Vegan Silkware

“A 5-star professional. She immediately understood my needs and perfectly communicated my services through her amazing skills in putting thoughts, information, and emotions down on paper.”

I contacted Valentina to take care of the copywriting for my companies' two websites.

She immediately gave me a sense of confidence and I completely trusted her skills in delivering what turned out to be exactly what I wanted.

After dealing with several unprofessional companies, I finally got the result I wanted and since then I cannot think of turning to anyone else.

Elena Giuffrida
Founder of Sweet Home Luxury

“A true word wizard!”

Her creativity knows no bounds, and her professionalism and intelligence shine through in every interaction.

I had the pleasure of working with Valentina recently, and I must say, Vale goes above and beyond (believe me!), paying attention to all details to ensure that the stories she crafts truly reflect your brand.

If you're in need of someone you can blindly trust, look no further - I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a reliable and talented website copywriter for coaches.

Nataliia Leonenko
Founder of Blushspring Studio

“Exactly what my business needed to level up.”

Valentina helped us write Vivid Vision for our company.

She is the specialist who can take your ideas and identity from in your head to on the page or screen so people truly understand who you are and what you offer.

As a healthcare specialist and a coach for doctors who practice outside of the conventional paradigm, public communications and brand identity are often overlooked but essential to capture accurately and concisely.

She does it with great style, coherence and timeliness. She is a joy to work with.

Dr. Roger Borbón
Functional Neurologist & Creator of B.R.A.V.E. Health Method

“Sometimes you just have to leave it to the pros…”

Valentina's ability to understand you and your business is second to none. 

If you're looking for a copywriter who adds a touch of 'human' to your words, then work with The Alternative Copy. 

She worked quickly, efficiently and openly communicated with me every step of the way.

I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again on any copywriting work. 

Lisa Stubbs
Rise EXECUTIVE Coaching

(01) Get in Touch

Take a look at my services page to understand which copywriting project you would need. Not sure what you which one to start with?
Then fill out the inquiry form on the contact page, drop me an email at

(02) Discovery Call

Once you fill out the contact form, you’ll receive an answer from me within 24/48h to set up a videocall and discuss the scope of work. After that, you'll get a quote with our action plan and related costs. If you're cool with it, you’ll get the official contract and the invoice for the initial deposit. 

(03) Sit back & Relax!

Now's the fun part for you—just sit back and enjoy the time you just saved! I'll get in the creative flow for your brand and I’ll share the content on Google Docs, so you can easily add any comments or changes. Once you're happy with everything, it's all yours to share! 

The Process

Let me make it smooth and stress-free for you…

Any questions?



Each copywriting project includes two rounds of revisions to make sure you end up with copy and messaging that sounds exactly like you envisioned it. Additional revisions are charged $130.



Good question. I have invested in my education since the very beginning of my business, investing thousands of dollars in 1:1 mentorships, courses and masterminds - at this point I’d call it an obsession, because I've never been a month were I was not enrolled in a new course. I studied and worked in marketing and project management for over 8 years, attended copywriting and branding strategies courses from top mentors like Alex Cattoni and have a thing for consumer psychology.

I’d like to work with you, what happens now?

I’d like to work with you, what happens now?

Yay! So happy to hear this! Go ahead and fill the enquiry form and allow me 24/48h to get back to you with a date to schedule our discovery session. 

Can you get me on Google first page? 

Can you get me on Google first page? 

No one can truly promise you'll be at the top of Google search results. If someone says they can, they're just lying to your face - and tbh, that’s a huge red flag. 

They might be using keywords no one really looks for, or promise to optimize your technical SEO (aka the backend of your website).

You know what really helps your website show up on Google? Optimized content and SEO. Which is probably how you found me! It's not just chance; it's about doing things the right way - for Google and its users.

I can't promise you'll be number one on Google, but I can definitely work on making your website's content and SEO much better. This means you'll have a better shot at showing up when people search for what you do.

How do you write in my brand voice? 

How do you write in my brand voice? 

Prior to any project, you'll be asked in-depth questions about your ideal client, core values and more. This allows me to understand who you are and who you serve, so that when I write for you, I’m writing as you would. 

I need branding and web design too. Do you have a great designer to recommend? 

I need branding and web design too. Do you have a great designer to recommend? 

As a matter of fact, I do! CLICK HERE to get acquainted with Nataly from Blushspring Studio and hire us together.