Our commitment is to provide you with a roadmap to clarity, a sustainable strategy, and the right words to attract your tribe.



It all started with a resignation to letter and a one-way ticket to Costa Rica.

Hi, I'm Valentina

Rebel to corporate 9-5, vegan and animal lover on a spiritual awakening, my mission here is to ditch the bull* and elevate the good ones from an ocean full of dodgy marketing and trashy copy.

With 8+ years in Marketing and Communications, 9500+ hours in courses and trainings and 35+ happy clients, every word in my copy is handpicked to craft compelling, effective, and SEO-friendly content that will make your audience – and Googlesmile right back at you, without sounding pushy or even worse…boring!


Random facts you won’t be able to find on my LinkedIn:

Italian born and raised, living abroad since 2015
Weird talent: I can write sideways
Guilty pleasures: true crime, oat cappuccinos and listening to the same song in loop
Human Design: Generator

Fancy a read? Storytime it is then! 

I always thought my dream was to climb the corporate ladder, and I was walking well in that direction, until what I like to call “day 0”.

One morning, I simply opened my eyes and realized that crafting marketing strategies and organizing events for the luxury industry, was not my thing anymore.

Took me very little to realize I was not cut for that kind of role any longer and started questioning my values.

As I was diving deep into the “jobs of the future” section of my research for a new direction, the calling from a more grounded lifestyle, away from the bustle of Dubai, brought me to Central America and all around Europe, for a sabbatical that ignited the next chapter of my life.

Courses, mentorships and countless training hours, marked a no-way back on what I can now proudly call my job: copywriting.

I am far from a finished product though, as the online continues to evolve and change.

During my transition from corporate to self-employed, I had to overcome challenges that I never thought existed in the safety of “the Matrix”. Imposer syndrome was holding my hand every step of the way and some days still is.

Thanks to that, I discovered the power of mindfulness and how impactful it can be on our life.

After work experiences in e-commerce and product-based businesses, I decided to put my ethics first and help soul-led businesses I believe in the most, get the visibility they deserve to help more and more people.


I work with coaches of all kinds, holistic practitioners, health and wellness professionals, that made their mission to help others thrive.

Are we vibing on the same frequency?

Values we stand for


We prioritize openness and honesty in all actions and communications and commit to maximize efficiency in our projects. That’s because we value your time, as well as ours.


We only work with businesses that align with our ethics, and always strive to make choices that reflect our values, as well as yours. We believe in building a connection with you, so you can do the same with your clients.


Working with brands that share our values helps us make sure the content we create is authentic and aligns with your personal beliefs. This builds an even stronger relationship with your clients.