Quick fact check:

Your message has 7 seconds to make an impact. Let's make them count!

yep, that's less than your espresso shot.

We're to make your audience feel so connected and seen - they'll stick around with a 'this is so me' vibe - without looking for an alternative.

Hi, I'm Valentina

I get it, you got all the feels: a new beginning, new project, new ideas...you want to launch and shout to the world how amazing you are. You're finally committed to crank some numbers and create a detailed plan. 

As those zeroes multiply on your adorable spreadsheet, rolling up your sleeves for a DIY copy seems like the next big step.

There you are, facing a blank page, flirting with the backspace key before bravely typing "Welcome to my site!" Yep, classic move.
But don't worry, there's a fix for that.

the copywriter for coaches and healers.
aka: the brain behind your copy.


Italian born and raised, living abroad since 2015

Weird talent: I can write sideways

Guilty pleasures: barefoot beach walks, oatly lattes and listening to the same song in loop

Human Design: Generator 6/2

our promise...

From Brand Strategy to Website Copywriting, to Emails and beyond, we’re here to make your voice spark connections that last beyond the sales.

Because ain’t nobody got time for a perfectly curated website that it just that *a window nobody shops from*…

So if you’ve made it past the homepage, it’s safe to say you pass the vibe check and are probably ready to get words work for you. 

'Cause let's be honest, it's all nice and and cute, but when it comes to your biz, all you need is RESULTS.  And how do we get those? Hint hint: Research-driven conversion copy

Done with blending in?
Thought so.

Feeling like you're just whispering in a crowd, trying to catch your ideal client's ear? You've got a lot to offer, and deep down, you know it's high time to boost your volume. But, let me guess - you're worried about coming off too salesy?

Imagine words giving that "Wow, she actually gets me" kind of vibe (hint: that someone is you - messy bun included).

Well, what if your words could sound like a cozy chat, instead of yet another sales pitch?! 

We infuse sales psychology and empathy in every piece of content we write. And that's what makes us smart AF all about impact: both sales and genuine connections

You’re not down for any of the *use this ChatGPT prompt* and generic biz coach advice on how to generate leads. 
And OMG - we glad for that!
Because as cliché as it may sound, we thrive on this one simple truth: 

hot take

If you want to stand out in 2024,
you've got to be different.
- as tempting following the trends might be.

(In fact, we’ve built an entire brand around it.)



Leave drama where it belongs, cause we're all about keeping it real here.
We value transparency, open communications, and genuine connections that leave no room for second guesses.


We pick our clients like we pick our avocados -
very, very carefully. 

We choose to work with people who walk their talk and strive to empower others, just like we do.


is our favorite currency. 

We believe in the power of amplifying good and want to work with people who do the same with humans and animals.

When i say "we" i mean every single person i collab with to work on your project.

Britney, Mariah & Christina made me do it.

Born and raised in Milan, Italy – at 12, on the lyrics of Britney, Christina, and Mariah, I was already dreaming of a life where English was my everyday language. After a bachelor’s in economics, a semester in Germany, and one in Maldives, for one-in-a-lifetime opportunities, I realized I didn’t want to go back to my dolce vita in Italy.

One-way ticket to Dreamland

One-way ticket Malè, Maldives – Dubai.
With just one day left on my visit visa, I landed *the job* of every girl’s dreams. Talk about divine alignment. Started climbing a 32-floors corporate ladder to the marketing department of a luxury jewelry giant, managing projects and events for VIPs in Dubai and GCC.

Left 9-5 to freelancing during a global pandemic. 

On a sunny Thursday morning, I realized a piece was missing. My values changed and I kept on questioning what impact I was bringing to the world. It was time to let it go, my corporate journey was over. But my career was not the only one up for a turnover: I left Dubai, this time with a one-way ticket to Costa Rica.

Back with a bag full of dreams

I came back to Dubai, and after managing e-commerce brands from A to Z in Costa Rica, I decided to put my ethics first and help soul-led businesses I believe in the most, get the online visibility they deserve to impact more and more people. I wanted to support with sales copywriting those who support others. My Alternatives out there.

Living my purpose and impacting others to the same

With The Alternative Copy I have helped 30+ coaches, healers and sustainable businesses with sales copywriting services in Dubai and around the world, to launch and generate more than $200k in total sales from their copy and funnels.

Can’t commit to a copywriter just yet? We got you covered!

They say…creativity comes in waves, but with our no-brainer Sales Page Template you’ll have everything you need to sell your services while you sleep (or catch a wave)!

Done for you plug-and-play sales page template to pop up your services like a pro!

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